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The Maker Night

Everyone can be a maker. At Steamy Tech we have been inventing, designing, and building kinetic art since 2012. The Maker Night was created to bring that same maker experience we love to the community. Join us virtually or in-person for maker events that combine art, science, and engineering to allow you to create beautiful pieces that you'll be proud to take home and use.

10 years of kinetic art design have gone into the projects we make at our events. We select unique products that move in exciting ways and guide you through the assembly. The design is ours, the art is yours, and the experience is unique. Events start at just $35/person.

The best part is you decide how you want your event.

In person in the San Francisco Bay Area:

Join us onsite at local restaurants and bars or at the Steamy Tech studio for amazing evening events where you become the maker. We'll bring the project, art supplies, and expert makers to guide you through the process. You bring your friends and your creativity. It's the perfect combination

Virtual events hosted by Steamy Tech:

If your group is spread out or you're not ready for in-person events, then join us for a virtual maker night. We'll ship you the parts and recommend the art supplies you need. At the scheduled time we'll host a Zoom conference from our studio in Santa Clara, CA and guide you through the event.

Corporate or Private Group Events:

Invite Steamy Tech to your location or have us host an event for you virtually or in person at our studio. Select one of our existing products or have us customize something just for you. Maker Night events are fun. But they also help users learn about teamwork, creative thinking, and following instructions.

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